Bailey's Computer Services specializes in helping small companies operate more efficiently

When problems arise and you need help.

Every business needs an on-call Tech person, yet finding the best organization for your company can be troublesome and disappointing. That is why we get to know our customer’s business and how it operates. We’ve been working in the IT business for more than 24 years, and we recognize what our customers need to remain fully operational. Thus, next time you need a person to fix problems, give your Go-To Tech guy a call.

We’re more than Proactive, we’re Predictive.

As your business develops, so do your system and framework needs. At Bailey’s Computer Services, we can help. We can assess your present system and see what should be done to make it quicker. Here and there, it’s as basic as changing your ISP or redesigning obsolete gear. In case you’re moving into another office and are hoping to have another system placed in, our group can help. We’ll get you the correct web association, stockpiling, servers, telephone frameworks, and security includes your business needs.

We take backup and disaster recovery seriously.

Organizations need to make sure their backup infrastructure can meet the recovery objectives of today’s biggest challenges: ransomware, rapid restoration, and disasters. Businesses expect their IT teams to recover faster than ever and need productivity to be the same during the recovery effort as it is during normal production. Meeting these new challenges and expectations requires businesses to rethink the backup processes and make sure they have a proper Backup & Disaster Recover (BDR) plan in place.

Quality Cameras provide clear images!

Just the mere presence of camera security is enough to deter most criminals from attempting to break into your home. In the event that the cameras go undetected, the video footage recorded of the intruder can be used as evidence to locate and convict the burglar.