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VOIP Phone Service for Small to Large Businesses

Get a full-featured small business phone service with calls, video, messaging & advanced features that match your business communication needs & fit your budget



Your Business Phone, Anywhere

Use your business phone number and take care of business from anywhere using a browser, mobile app or desk phone. Plus, with advanced phone features like auto attendant, call routing, and call forwarding, your small businesses can enjoy enterprise-level efficiency.

Conversations That Go Further

Video conferencing lets you host meetings with partners and clients across the globe. You’ll maximize every conversation with features like video recording, breakout rooms, emoji reactions, Youtube live streaming and more.

Instant Communication

It only takes a few seconds to keep team members and customers informed and in the loop. Use business SMS/MMS, to share updates with your audience using text, photos, videos, and files in an effective and convenient way.

Improve Workflow Efficiency

Work quickly and effectively by connecting your existing tools with your business phone system. By integrating with popular tools like Salesforce and Zoho, you’ll streamline processes and boost overall efficiency.

Gain Insights for Success

Improve service, convert more leads and make better business decisions with real-time call data. With customizable dashboards, each department can gain valuable insights into areas that need attention.


All the call management features a business needs

Web Calling

You can make and receive calls from your business phone number using your compute

International Calling

Save with unlimited domestic and international calls to the US, Canada, and 40+ countries

Mobile App

Use your mobile phone to make and receive calls from your business number

Auto Attendant

Automate call answering, include custom greetings and route callers to the correct extension

Call Recording

Keep track of essential details with call recordings. Or use recordings to train employees

Welcome Menu

Resolve queries faster by allowing callers to choose who and what department to speak with

Call Blocking

Do away with irritating or inappropriate calls with our robust blocking feature

Call Queues

Improve customer service by automatically sorting and routing calls to the next available agent

Call Routiing

Boost satisfaction by automatically routing callers to the next available department or person

Call Forwarding

Never miss a call when you can redirect incoming calls to an alternative phone number

Call Transfer

Provide quick and efficient service by transferring calls to other users or departments

Voicemail to Email

Get voicemail transcriptions via email or text message to respond to your voicemails faster

Answering Rules

Route calls between your net2phone devices or to an external cell phone or landline number

Toll-Free Numbers

Attract customers by letting them reach you without paying long-distance charges

Music On Hold

Let your callers hear music, recorded audio, or customized marketing messages while on hold

Local Numbers

Allow your business to be contacted as if it had a physical presence in the specific area


Cost-Effective Phone Service

A robust phone system doesn’t need to break the bank. Use your internet connection for your business phone system, and take advantage of unlimited calling nationwide and to 40+ international countries.

Work From Anywhere

Access your business phone from anywhere on any device and give your growing business the flexibility it needs to thrive. With the net2phone mobile app, your business phone number is at your fingertips. Now you can manage offices and teams on a single platform from anywhere.

Scalable Solution

Get the phone service that can easily meet the demands of your growing business. Add features, users and local, global, or toll-free numbers in a click. You can focus on growth and scale up your phone system without worrying about downtime or needing additional IT staff.

Work from Anywhere on Any of Your Devices

On Mobile or Tablet

Make and receive calls and text messages from your business phone number, all from the palm of your hand!

On your Computer

Turn your computer or laptop into a powerful business communication system

At Your Desk

Set up your office business phone system in seconds. IP phone rentals are included in some plans

*Not all phones available for with phone service. 



What is phone service for business?
A business phone service is any phone system that a company can use to communicate internally and externally with clients, partners and other stakeholders. This type of system generally has enterprise-grade business phone features such as ring groups and auto attendants.
What is a virtual busines phone service?

Unlike traditional landline systems that use physical lines to connect calls, a virtual phone system uses VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology to make and take calls. Its internet-powered functionality allows for greater flexibility, scalability and cost savings. Your phone system is hosted by a well known company and is taken care of all upgrades and maintenance for you.

What are the different phone systems for a small business?
Many types of phone systems are available for small businesses, including landlines, mobile networks, virtual phone services, self-hosted VoIP, cloud-based VoIP, and hybrid phone systems.
How do I choose the right phone service for my small business?

Trying a free trial is a great way to assess how a business phone service can work for your small business.

What is a VoIP Phone System?
Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, allows voice and other communication to be exchanged over the internet
Do I need a VoIP phone system for my small business?
A VoIP phone system is the best option if you want to compete globally with a reliable, low-cost, and minimal maintenance communications solution
How much can I save with small business phone service?
Savings will depend on your business phone requirements. However, a VoIP phone system can offer significant
Can I keep my business phone numbers?
You don’t have to change numbers, and it’s free to port your existing details over to our platform

Need Help Getting Your VOIP Phone System Wired Correctly?

We are your structured wiring experts. We can get your VOIP phone system wiring updated quickly and under any kind of budget. 

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